As media coursework magazine analysis

The Bike Shed in Amsterdam. I used basic tables in Microsoft Word to lay out my risk assessment and times for shooting. The red text box states what this feature of the magazine is and a general title for the articles section. This has been done to illustrate the variety and quantity of content included.

The use of colours are very well done in the way that none seem to really conflict with one another.

Rock magazine deconstructions

The mise en scene of the image has ensured that the costumes of the artists match the colour theme exactly as they are seen wearing red, black and white, with even the hair and makeup of the artist on the left being red.

To begin with, it was struggle remembering to adjust the settings exactly right, and so many shots were unsuccessful. I used both InDesign and Photoshop throughout the creation of my rock magazine, both of which were essential to the magazine reaching as close to industry-standard as I could get it.

The image works to quickly grab the attention of the reader and the fact that the image is mostly different shades of blues and greens contrasts against the white and red of the rest of the article.

Greenhouse 64 in Romania. Between these two tasks, the deconstruction and analysis of magazine titles allowed me to see effective photography and composition.

Furthermore the cover story of the magazine is featured in a different colour in the contents list making it stand out so that it is easy for the target audience for the magazine to find them main focus of this issue of the magazine. When looking at this we see on the bottom of the page that there are two advertisements both are advertising albums.

That being the use of old-looking paper and font written by a typewriter. The mise en scene of these images not only connote rock but also some elements of pop.

Double page spread

All pictures are the same size and alined in order to keep its information clearly presented to a reader who is perhaps not as educated. It was useful to learn about tools that could be used in order to organise and record research, such as grab and Quicktime.

Magazine Analysis

To me, this is a sure indicator that the magazine is liked by the target audience, enough that the majority of them would buy the magazine. Furthermore, using a table made the information easier to navigate and therefore easier to scrutinise, so I could spot potential errors and a lack of detail far easier.

The background is white which allows the use of red and black text to be placed making it easier for the viewer to read. Beginning my School Magazine project was overwhelming, as throughout I experienced a huge learning curve. As well as this, the page number references on the contents page are not continuous or complete.

In conclusion, this magazine front cover is very effective in encouraging the reader to pick up and buy the magazine, not only does it include all of the typical codes and conventions that a magazine should have, but it is also effective with the colouring font and text that the editors have chosen to use.


Having the image as a large side means that it is difficult for the reader to miss it and also give a better sense of immersion for the reader than multiple small images.

This striking font would be instantly recognisable to fans and therefore likely to draw them in to buy the magazine. I would want my advert to be placed on a page like this.

Since then, I learnt that studio shoots are more suited to the front cover, whereas scenery or action shots with props are better suited to the DPS. MEST2 - Coursework Brief (including resubmission) ( KB) MEST2 - Brief Guidance (including resubmission) ( KB) MEST2 -.

AS Media Coursework. Search. Home; School magazine project; Rock magazine brief; Research. Evaluation. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Q Magazine analysis

Between these two tasks, the deconstruction and analysis of magazine titles allowed me to see effective. A Powerpoint aimed at introducing how to analyse a magazing front cover for the AQA GCSE Media Assignment 1 coursework.

This can be used as an example before pupils choose their own magazine to analyse.5/5(2). 50% A2 Media Coursework MS3: MEDIA INVESTIGATION AND PRODUCTION of A2 grade You are required to undertake an individual investigation into a Genre of music.

You need to undertake a range of research including primary research (such as textual analysis, content analysis) and secondary research (books. Throughout the creation of my own media text, I developed and used the codes and conventions of the ‘rock music genre’, whilst challenging them to suit a specific target audience.I aimed for the product to represent the genre both visually through photography and layout, whilst also creating an authentic tone to suit the product’s purpose of entertaining.

Dec 12,  · The masthead of the magazine is bold and stands out clearly on the red box and immediately establishes with the audience what magazine it is.

There is also a tagline underneath the title of the magazine which tells the audience what the theme of the magazine is as well as promoting the magazine and making.

As media coursework magazine analysis
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